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Affordable services for the indie author

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Working as an author provided me with a great opportunity to learn the art of editing, formatting, and marketing. Whether you’ve just finished your first novel or your tenth (or fiftieth!), I'm here to help.

I've worked with authors on beta reading contracts, developmental edits or simple copyedits and proofreads, helping them fix various aspects of their stories in all genres (romance, paranormal, thriller, dystopian, etc.) and polishing their writing to its best level. I've chosen to specialize in editing the genres I'm most familiar with, so that you get the most out of your investment.

Wherever you're at in your writing journey, with Luna Imprints Author Services (LIAS), you can be sure to get professional services and one-on-one coaching at affordable rates. Read more.

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From in-depth developmental editing to one last pair of eyes for proofreading, LIAS is here!

Read more about my book editing packages.


If you’re new to the author journey and things like Amazon categories and keywords, increasing visibility for your books or setting up a newsletter make your head explode, LIAS also has you covered there. With short turnaround times, I can deliver a suggested list of keywords and categories that will Increase your book's Amazon visibility. Given they're the biggest book retailer in the world right now, that's definitely starting your journey off on the right foot! For a final wrap, I can help set up your author newsletter with templates for campaigns and automation ease-of-use. Ask me about my newsletter setup services or Amazon keyword help when you book your editing package!



Finished your novel and need one last pair of eyes? Or maybe a quick transition to ebook and paperback files? You got it! If you’ve already had someone beta your novel and you’re confident the story is good to go, then you’re probably debating which book editing services to go with! At LIAS, you always get a human editor, and a person at the other end of the line who will want your story to be its best possible version. Ask me about my copyediting and proofreading discount, when booked together! And if you’re the type who wants their book’s inside to look just as great as the writing itself, then you may want to consider my book formatting services for ebook and paperbacks.

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You may want a new opinion on your manuscript before publishing, or maybe something more in depth - LIAS offers it all. My beta reading packages focus on your overall story, the broad strokes of what works and doesn’t. With developmental editing, you get the full treatment; a main focus on the storyline, characters, but the writing as well - is the pacing on point? Do your first chapters hook? As for copy/line editing, the main focus there is the prose and creative content. Whatever your needs are, my packages can help (and not break the bank).



"Alexa is one of the best beta readers I’ve ever worked with. Her comments are honest, in-depth, and helpful. Any writer looking to take their book from ‘eh’ to ‘AMAZING’ should get Alexa’s help immediately."  Kristina Adams, Author of What Happens in... and Hollywood Gossip series & more

"Alexa goes by the title of editor, but I refer to her by something more apt: Magician. I send her a beta read draft with demographic info and a blurb, and she polishes it to a shiny gem" -Jared Griffin, Author of The Perpetual Circadian Rhythm and the Nightmare Judicator series

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