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Genres: all fiction and non-fiction genres

When is it time to format?

If you're done your final proofread, congrats! You're ready to turn your manuscript into a polished ebook and paperback, and we can help with that!

Cost for individual novels

$45 for ebook only formatting

$90 for print/paperback only formatting

$110 for both when booked together​​

Prices above are in USD and  effective as of august 1st, 2021 and:

  • cover novels up to 90k in length, with no complex formatting needs

  • novels over 90k, or requesting more than chapter images, will be quoted separately 

*NEW* eBook Boxset rate!

We now format eBook boxsets! 

Novels that were previously formatted with us will pay a discounted $25 per book to be included in the set. 

  • Example: A boxset of 3 books would be $25 x 3 = $75 total cost.

New novels that were not previously formatted with us are $80 per book to be included in the set. 

  • Example: A boxset of 3 books would be $80 x 3 = $240 total cost.


3 weeks 

Got questions? Email

Ready to book? Email




All revisions of minor errors in the manuscript are free for two weeks after delivery. Past that point a nominal charge will be arranged based on the number of errors to be corrected.


Source files that require extensive repairs due to creator errors will be subject to an additional charge. Examples include, but are not limited to: manual hyphenation, extra spacing, and improper line breaks.


It is highly recommended that you completed a final proofread of your file before formatting begins.

Formatting important notices


"Luna Imprints is my go-to solution for everything – from insightful developmental edits to professional interior design, to constructive Beta feedback." - Amy B. Nixon, Author of Northern Necromancers: The Island and Northern Necromancers: The Dragons series

Marketing Addons


When should I start marketing my book?

A tough question with a more complicated answer. I go a bit more in-depth with my general advice in the blog, but a few tips for first-time writers: 

  • don't try to do it all

  • focus on building a newsletter 

  • try the basics before you get into the complicated: things like good keywords, categories, a great blurb

I only provide services in things I'm well-versed in, and I try to do so at the lowest possible price. Below is a list of said services, their pricing and how they can benefit you. All pricing is in USD.

Newsletter setup $225

A newsletter is important because it allows you to connect with your readers and find superfans. In this package, I set up the newsletter basics for you via Mailerlite. You'll get:

  • a welcome automation sequence of 3-5 emails that automatically go out to new readers to engage them;

  • 2 templates for regular newsletters; 

  • an ARC reader template;

  • a landing page for collecting subscribers;

  • a landing page for collecting ARC readers;

  • and I'll provide you my best tips & tricks in a 30min Zoom chat.

Amazon category optimization $75 

After asking you a series of questions about your book, I will provide you the best categories suited for your book on Amazon to ensure best visibility. You'll get:

  • 10 categories for your eBook in the USA market

  • 10 categories for your paperback in the USA market

  • we can discuss additional categories for other markets of your choice

  • a template for how to submit these categories to Amazon

Amazon keyword optimization $60

When you upload your book on Amazon, the dashboard asks you for 7 keywords that, believe it or not, can make a massive difference to how many readers find your book! With this package, you'll get:

  • 21 keywords 

  • Why 21? Amazon needs 7, and you have 14 to spare and rotate over the course of a year.

Beginner's resources $75

This works best if I've done some kind of edits on your novel, but can work with novels I haven't worked on, as well. Based on my knowledge of your book, you'll get:

  • a customized launch plan based on genre/audience

  • a PDF with resources I've accumulated for indie writers

Help with blurbs $45 

To clarify: I don't write the blurb for you. But I can review and help you polish it based on my knowledge and experience. Sometimes polishing the blurb may involve rewriting portions of it, but I always work with a draft you provide. 

Coaching $50

If you want to pick my brain about any of the topics above, or in general, we can arrange for a 1hr call via Zoom. 

Bulk discounts

If you like more than one of the options presented above, email me with your picks and I'll work out a bulk discount.

Questions? Email

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