Two Pens on Notebook


As a paranormal romance author myself, I founded Luna Imprints Author Services (LIAS) to provide affordable author services to indie authors like me.

Back in 2015 when I first started off on this long, exhausting, highly rewarding and amazing journey of writing, I was extremely lucky to run into a mentor who taught me the art of book editing. I'd taken writing courses and read countless books on writing over the years, but never did I have someone actually put everything together in a way that made sense. My mentor did that for me - and the countless hours I invested in courses to improve my skills enhanced it - and that's what I strive to do every day for my clients through LIAS. 

This whole endeavour started off initially as a beta reading service. After finding many beta reading services lacking and hearing of struggles within author communities to find legitimate avenues for proper feedback, I went off on my own and opened my own shop, charging a simple flat fee for my time and the editorial report I provided with each book. Authors kept telling me they'd never had such in-depth feedback, and some had paid thousands for editors!

To say I was amazed at the results would be an understatement. I started helping out bestselling authors and writers who did this for a living! It was and still is rewarding work, made even more rewarding by testimonials from clients like Kristina Adams, author of the chick lit series What Happens In... and Hollywood Gossip, who says, "What Alexa suggests never feels dictatorial either; it’s a two-way conversation where we bounce off each other to solve the problem. " That's why I do what I do - not to change your story, but to help you find a way to make it even greater than it is, by zeroing in on the little hiccups and offering solutions. To this day, my beta reading package remains a continuous best-selling service, outsold only by my developmental editing service.

Over the years, anything from chick lit, to fantasy, to thrillers, to dystopian, romance or paranormal landed on my plate at LIAS, and little by little, the purpose expanded as clients demanded more. I chose to focus on genres I am most familiar with, to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, which is why you'll see I focus on fantasy, romance, and YA sub-genres. And because I always want to ensure the best quality of a novel for you, I'll never take on a story that's not yet ready to be edited. Best of all, knowing how expensive editing can be through my own writing journey, I offer discounts for returning clients and lower costs per word when you do more than one edit (i.e. dev edits and a proofread), which amount to huge savings for the regular indie author.

Over the last years, as I continued to grow and learn as an indie author myself, my mission has expanded to offer editorial services, formatting and various marketing add ons like keyword and category visibility, and newsletter set-ups. I continuously strive to provide efficient, great quality service that also focuses on the individual customer needs. And, at the end of the day, I want your book to be its best version - ever. Nothing makes me happier than achieving that!