The times they are a-changin. With digital technology and online accessibility providing more and more options, it's normal to be hesitant. Can you really trust a business nowadays? Read below for a list of Luna Imprints Author Services testimonials. Because I'm not just a business. I'm a writer, same as you. And much like some of testimonials below, I can help you out with your novel, to make it the best version it can be.


Kristina Adams, Author of What Happens in... and Hollywood Gossip series & more

"Alexa is one of the best beta readers I’ve ever worked with. Her comments are honest, in-depth, and helpful. I cannot recommend Alexa enough. She’s incredibly talented and knowledgeable, and has frequently picked up on things I hadn’t even noticed! Not only that, but she helps me come up with ways to fix the issues that she raises. What she suggests never feels dictatorial either; it’s a two-way conversation where we bounce off each other to solve the problem. Any writer looking to take their book from ‘eh’ to ‘AMAZING’ should get Alexa’s help immediately."


Brianna Cash, Author of Stars in the Sand duology

"Working with Alexa not only improved the quality of my story, it also helped make me a better writer. She caught the things that didn’t work and gave ideas on how to improve them, but pointed out the good things, too. This not only helps my confidence, but also shows me what I’m doing right. I highly recommend her expertise and opinions, and can’t wait to send her another job to work on."


Eldon Farrell, Author of Singularity and Descent series

"My books would not be what they are without the keen insight of Alexa Whitewolf. Her suggestions in beta are of the highest quality, and have made Luna Imprints my go to for author services. This is an investment your future self will thank you for making!"


Candace Robinson, Author of  the Laith series & more

"I'm very happy with the beta reads I've received at Luna Imprints! Alexa just knows how to make my story better with her comments and track changes so that keeps me returning for her to work on my manuscripts! Not only do I choose to work with her because she's good at what she does, but also because she's very personable!"


Amy B. Nixon, Author of the upcoming Nordstrom Necromancer series

"Luna Imprints is my go-to solution for everything – from insightful developmental edits to professional interior design, to constructive Beta feedback. Luna Imprints’ team offers every bit of intrinsic author services you’d need, all wrapped in neat packages. Whether you need a professional editor, a meticulous proofreader, an affordable formatter, a Beta reader with an eye for detail or just someone who knows how to bring your manuscript to the next level, Luna Imprints Author Services is the amiable and experienced professional to help you achieve your goals."


Elle Beaumont, Author of The Hunter series

"Alexa proofed my manuscript for Queen's Edge and polished it to perfection! Quick, concise, and efficient. I highly recommend her to anyone."